La Martinenca Estate

Coastal Area: Develople Land

Developable Land: 26.5 Hectares On Sale 

The Coastal Area of La Martinenca Estate has a surface of 26.5 hectares of building land with an average altitude of 20 meters above sea level. It consists in 5 plots of registered land that can be sold individually, in groups or globally all together. The 5 plots that constitute the Coastal Area of the Martinenca Estate have a building surface of 45,000 m2 and can hold up to a maximum of 509 residential units according to the Urbanization Plan developed by the architecture office "Estanislau rocca Arquitecte & Associats" This potential Urban Plan would constitute the continuation of the adjacent plots in the north east area of the estate. 30% of the built residential units would need to be assigned to public affordable residencies.
The Urban Plan proposes a residential compound of 4 blocks (perpendicular to the coast) laid out on a slope to offer the best possible view towards the Mediterranean Sea and the Ebro delta.
The housing units are organized in linear buildings parallel to the block boundaries leaving a free garden space in the center of each unit for recreational areas. The rest of the hectares are intended for a public park landscape project called Martinenca Corridor Linear Park de La .This park will form gap between the estate and the houses in the southwest boundaries maintaining a direct access to the beach.

Layout Of The Plots For Sale

Rustic Plots For Sale