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78 Hectares Of Property For Sale In Alcanar, Tarragona

Are you dreaming of a mix of mountains, sea and warm weather all year-round? Are you looking for a large property to develop a real estate project where nature plays a main role? Come and discover La Martinenca Estate: a piece of paradise on the Mediterranean coast overlooking the natural reserve of Ebro river delta

The estate is located in Tarragona (Catalonia province) by the Mediterranean Sea shore and protected by the Montsia mountain range (altitude of 650 meters) offering an excellent natural setting.La Martinenca has 78 hectares of property for sale divided into rustic and urban land with a possible urbanization plan developed by a renowned Catalan architect.

Geographic Location

The N340 (Barcelona - Cadiz National Route) crosses the Martinenca Estate. The nearest towns are Las Casas de Alcanar (south west) and San Carlos de la Rapita (north east), both of them offering a wide range of facilities including supermarkets, marinas, hospitals, bars and restaurants. Thanks to the influx of tourism in the region, the area is well communicated via road to main cities like Barcelona, Zaragoza, Tarragona and Valencia and their correspondent international airports.

Land Layout

The Martinenca Estate is divided into 2 areas separated by the N340 national route: the Mountain Area (in the foothills of the Montsia mountain range) and the Coastal Area (by the Mediterranean shore). 

The Mountain Area has 51.5 hectares of rustic land with an average altitude of 230 meters above sea level. This area is ideal for farming local fruits and vegetables (olives, oranges, almonds among others)

The Coastal Area consists of 26.5 hectares with an average altitude of 20 meters above sea level. It has 45,000 m2 of potential land for real estate development for a maximum of 509 homes

Parts of La Martinenca Estate

Mountain Area

The Mountain Area consists in 51.5 hectares of rustic land suitable for local fruit and vegetable farming. The rustic plot can also be utilised as a potential solar renewable energy plant. 

Coastal Area

The Coastal Area consists in 26.5 hectares with 45,000 hectares of potential building land situated in the north east area. The urban land (not fit for development) will be allocated to public parks with direct access to the beach

Possible Urban Plan

The urbanisation of La Martinenca Estate can be developed freely within the limits established in the urban plan approved by the Territorial Organization Secretary of State of Catalonia. A possible urban plan for La Martinenca Estate is the one developed by Estanislao Roca Blanch's architectural firm (Urbanism professor at the Polytechnic Engineering School of Barcelona). Estanilao's development plan proposes a continuation of the north east streets adjacent to the plot in order to achieve a smoother connection with the existing housing buildings located next to the estate. This proposal results in 9 residential blocks aligned in pairs. The ninth block closest to the sea is the site reserved for public facilities. Taking into account the regulations of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the maximum height of the residential buildings in the region is ground floor + first floor + 60% of the second floor. This results in 509 housing units.

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La Martinenca Estate can become a wide range of projects: real estate, agricultural, renewable energy, hospitality... you name it! Its unique geographic location, where sea and mountains come together creating an incredible scenery, along with its soft and warm temperature all year-round make La Martinenca Estate a wonderful place to live and develop the project of your dreams. Call us today for more information.

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